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Will Your Shop Benefit From A Tablet ?

Tablets are popular everywhere, and are often advertised as the solution to all of life’s tasks.  In fact, they are compact, light, go with you, and can do quite a few things.  This leads to the question:  “Will your shop … Continue reading

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Do your advertising dollars return profit ?

For some companies, business is booming.  Others report they are struggling to keep the doors open.  What makes the difference ?  How can you increase your profits and make “doing business” worthwhile? One huge contributor will be the quality of … Continue reading

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Staying in touch is a two way street !

Business owners think that retaining clients is all about the reminders they send out about pending services due.  They also think its about fancy fliers and post cards, incentive marketing, and maybe expensive websites.  Those are all good, but they … Continue reading

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Special Features

Auto Shop Writer has many unique features, but here are a few that save time, plus improve your business and profits:
+ Automatic Customer Follow Up: Set it up once, and then let ASW send a thank you note, plus 30, 60, 90, and 120 day reminders by email, all without you doing anything additional.
+ Powerful Integrated Appointment Management: Create appointments for your clients, add the vehicle to it, and even create a quote ( parts and labor ). Then when they arrive, make a quick selection and the workorder will be created with client, vehicle, notes, parts and labor, all with one button ! Clients like fast processing.
+ Comprehensive Service Histories: Know what you did, when you did it, what parts you used, and where they were obtained ! For those services performed elsewhere, you will get the info from the CARFAX Service History. Also, use the PM scheduler for repetitive services and know when they should be performed.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg ... see our feature summary for more.