ADS Client / Server

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Auto Shop Writer ADS_emblem_2010

Auto Shop Writer is naturally multi-user.  In fact, by itself, it has no limitations on the number of workstations that can use it.  A management system, however, is very intensive and shares hundreds of pieces of information every second across all of the computers.  Windows, by itself, supports “peer to peer” networking which means it will share the data.  However, all of the processing takes place at each workstation.  This means more data must be transferred, and processed locally.

This works fine for a small network ( maximum 3 computers ), but thereafter performance may slow down.

Your need might be for a much larger network with 5, 10, maybe even 20 computers.  For this type of installation, we recommend the Advantage Database Server.  This provides true Client Server processing which speeds the performance at all computers dramatically.  All data handling is actually done on the server itself, and only the data needed for display is sent to the workstations.  ADS makes the workstation speeds almost instantaneous.  In addition, it provides stability and great error handling.  Finally, it also allows you to have workstations connect via the internet from remote locations, and they work just like any computer located within the shop itself.

ADS is a product of Sybase, and MasterLink Software is just a reseller.  We can obtain a 30 day trial license before you buy so you can see its benefit in your business.  It is sold as 5 user licenses for $650 per set.  You can purchase it in our Store, but first, email to arrange for your free trial.