ASW Subscription

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The traditional method of obtaining a software license is to pay a large fee, then periodically purchase updates over time.  For over 30 years we have operated on this model, but recently we have elected to provide a more affordable option.  We have decided to offer our full, comprehensive, integrated management system for a low monthly fee.  This includes the license, all updates ( upgrades ), and support services as needed.  In fact, our all inclusive pricing is less per month than other systems charge for their “maintenance fees” after you give them over $10,000 in a licensing fee.

Our “rental” option is simple.  We initially charge $749 for a new subscription ( includes installation and training ),  or $ 495 to upgrade from an existing ASW license.  This includes the installation, training, and first month of usage.  Thereafter, we charge your credit card $ 195 month.  That covers all software updates and personal support services provided directly by MasterLink Software.  There is no long term contract, or minimum term.  We do ask you to fill out a simple agreement that allows us to bill your credit card automatically, and makes it clear you will only be able to use the system if payment has been received.  You can use it for a few months, years, or 20 years.  The price will remain the same for the full term of usage.

There are a few things we do not include.  If you want to get the ADS Client Server software, we can’t rent that.  We only are resellers so you will have to purchase it.  If you want a 3rd party to provide you with services, ie. customer follow up, then you will arrange their fees directly with them.  Also, we won’t come to the shop and enter your data for you.   However, if its a MasterLink feature, included in our feature list, its included.

If you have specific questions, give us a call right away.  Our number is (949) 589-3186.  Want to get started ?  Email us for a rental agreement form, pay for the initial fee in our Store, and we’ll do the install.