Other CRM Services

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Although Auto Shop Writer provides a variety of client follow up services within Auto Shop Writer, several companies provide these services for you.  Many managers find it beneficial to not handle the “paperwork” themselves which could include mailer designs, printing costs, and postage.  They prefer to have others handle these services.  Here are some companies that work with Auto Shop Writer to accomplish the marketing chores.


CustomerLink has been providing CRM services to Auto Shop Writer clients for many years.  The shop selects codes for each workorder that indicate the work performed, and the recommended services.  These are submitted to CustomerLink servers on a regular basis, and then followed up with cards, letters, emails, and other options as selected by the shop managers.   The services and fees are negotiated between the shop and service provider.

 Mechanic Net

Mechanic Net provides a follow up system to remind your clients of needed services.  Auto Shop Writer provides an interface which allows you to select the information you wish to submit to the company, preventing them from data mining your financial data.