The MasterLink Software and Auto Shop Writer Story

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Auto Shop Writer is a production of MasterLink Software, a privately held company.  Working with an international group of programmers, and the latest in Microsoft Windows development tools and technologies, MasterLink has provided quality products, and service, since 1982.

The Auto Shop Writer Story

MasterLink Software began operations in Southern California in the spring of 1982 as a database programming company. It was quickly approached by members of the Automotive Services Council of Southern California to consider developing software for automotive repair shops. For the next year, the founder met repeatedly with shop owners, listening to their needs, and then working their advice into an industry specific software solution. The key to the entire concept was to make a computerized workorder that would include everything normally included by state guidelines, and professional practices.

In 1983, the first copy of Auto Shop Writer was installed in a shop in Covina, California. The new program quickly became popular and was sold to shops by independent resellers who integrated it with emerging, new, computer equipment.  MasterLink Software was the first computer program designed specifcally for the Microsoft MS-DOS operating system. Several years later, Auto Shop Writer became the first program in this industry to run on networked personal computers.

In keeping with our original founding principles, 100% of the features added to the programs are based on the input of our clients, and they are implemented as technology advances to provide reliable new features to shop owners seeking to maximize their knowledge of their business, and to increase profits through identified and planned efficiency. Our DOS version has remained rock solid, and never fails, even after 15 or 20 years of use.  The same excellence has been built into our current Windows versions.

While most companies were exporting technical support services to “script readers”, based overseas,  MasterLink Software continued its committment to personal service and support direct from the developers. Assistance and training
are provided by online connection via the internet, and system upgrades are automated.

MasterLink Software continues to focus on the needs of The Auto Shop Writer system users, and will continue to enhance the product as business strategies evolve over the coming years. The more features we add, the more creative our clients become, and they do constantly communicate their ideas.

Our Team

Auto Shop Writer is a collaboration of work by a variety of resources. MasterLink Software develops the “business logic” that helps perform all of the decision making within the product. The core product is written using Microsoft Visual languages, including C++ and C#.  The latest releases are utilized to take advantage of all of the newest technologies.

Several groups collaborate to bridge the gap between the business logic and core engines of the Microsoft Windows system.  These people work together on a daily basis to bring about new realities which allow for a very stable product, but the latest features found in today’s computer offerings.

The Future

Its an old saying that “software is never done.”  No matter what we add, or fine tune, our clients are constantly suggesting great new ideas.   We thrive on that interaction and plan to keep it central to our work for many years to come.

Our older versions may still be running a generation later, but our ideas will keep us vital for the next group of shop owners.