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The Developer’s Partnership program

The DPP system allows you to pay a small annual ( billed quarterly ) fee, and receive support services, all updates, and even full version upgrades, at no additional cost.

What is included:

  • Email, phone, and online support on Auto Shop Writer
  • Ongoing training on Auto Shop Writer features
  • New tools, utilities, and procedures within Auto Shop Writer
  • Automatic updates.  There are no “upgrade” fees charged outside of this program.  Your one price covers all
  • Responsive updating of features to meet user requests whenever possible
  • We are happy to work with computer technicians, and assist them with issues related to Auto Shop Writer.

What is not included:

  • We are happy to provide guidance, and perhaps online assistance, regarding hardware issues, but we may have to tell you to contact a local specialist
  • We do not perform data entry
  • We do not provide support for other software products
  • We do not provide training for other software products

Non-Contract Services

We often receive calls from shops who have elected to not pay for support or upgrades.  It takes a lot of time to research old versions or help someone with a newly created problem.  Just like their own business, we must be paid for our services.   Hiring a local technician may be helpful, but when they call us to ask for help, an Incident fee must be paid first.  They are quite willing to charge the shop for services, but then often expect us to provide our training and services for free.  ( This only applies if a shop is NOT covered by the DPP agreement. )