Welcoming Carfax Service Histories

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Auto Shop Writer has long enjoyed a relationship with CARFAX, the automotive industry information system  We not only continue this in 2013, but now we have added a new feature, service histories from other repair facilities.

Originally we offered the CARFAX VIN database within our decoding system.  This is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive source of information identifying all of the assembly facts on a specific car.  It includes the make, model, submodel, and manufacturing information.  To that it adds the specifications on the engine, drive train, transmission, body, and wheels.

About 2 years ago we were able to integrate QuickVIN.  With this feature, its not necessary to enter that long VIN number.  Simply enter the License and State of a vehicle new to your service center and CARFAX will provide the VIN which ASW will then decode.

Now CARFAX has added service histories to the feature list.  A single button in the Vehicle edit screen, workorder, or appointment scheduler will show you what services were provided previously, and when, even if they were done at other locations.

Throughout, CARFAX has only asked that our clients submit services performed on vehicles.  Auto Shop Writer handles this automatically each day.  The information is added to the full CARFAX reports which are purchased by interested people when your client sells the car.  It also includes information about the shop who performed the service which is an excellent free advertising method.

CARFAX services are provided to all Auto Shop Writer users at no extra charge !