ASW Updates

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35+ Years of Reliability

Auto Shop Writer was first created in 1982 with a focus on meeting the stated needs of automotive repair shop owners. Since that time, 100 % of our development has been in response to the continued input of our clients.

This plan has been coupled with the continuing improvements in technology bringing about new features and ease of use. ASW 9 is the latest pairing of industry expertise and Windows power.

Auto Shop Writer has been known as “never failing” and this strength continues today in our latest releases. Even with the complexities of the Windows operating system, ASW is still rock solid, as is the company that built it for you.


Auto Shop Writer 10

Compatible With Windows 10
Computers, Notebooks, Tablets
Touch Screens fully supported
( Works on older Windows Versions )
Compatible on MacOS with Parallels

Personal Support That Works

We don’t like long phone systems or script readers for support either, and you will never get either one from us. Instead you will reach a qualified expert on Auto Shop Writer who can give you correct, specific, answers, or actually connect to your computer to resolve your problems.

Auto Shop Writer also has video training courses ( short and to the point ) and direct alerts to breaking tech news.

Support is provided by email, phone, chat, and direct connection. Of course, you may go a long time between needing help, but you can use the same channels to send us your ideas for enhancements and refinements. We listen because we value your business !

  • Comprehensive, easy to follow workorders and invoices
  • Fully integrated VIN decoding with details of vehicle body, engine, transmission, and more.
  • Clean estimating and revision tracking
  • Powerful spell checker
  • Chart and visual real time job costing
  • Full, detailed, service history plus automatic preventative maintenance scheduling and tracking. History can be printed / emailed
  • Lost sales tracking
  • Recommendation tracking and single click addition to new workorders
  • Full support for parts pick lists and service kits ( parts and labor )
  • Tracking of stocking parts and ordered items with full auto ordering capability
  • Automatic price calculations, multiple levels of pricing, and catalog integration
  • Automatic map to clients and vendors locations.
  • Full email integration for all printed items plus follow ups and client communications
  • Automatic email thank you notes plus 30,60,90, & 120 day reminders
  • Live profit and loss tracking for items, jobs, time periods

The Sales Pitch

If that’s what your looking for, we don’t have one.

A salesman wants your business and might tell you anything you want to here. We want your business, too, but we’ll only share the facts about Auto Shop Writer. We hope that will be enough to have a long, and productive, business relationship between us.

It would take at least 50 hours to learn all of the features, good and bad, of a management system. Most people just don’t have that time to spend. To see what ASW 9 will do for your specific needs, call (800) 504-6787 to schedule an online demonstration. You will then see it working on a very large, actual shop database. We will give you an overview, and then show you the answers to your exact questions.

There is no script for us. We respect our relationships too much to do the “old hardsell” or to take you where you don’t want to go. By this point, you know enough about computers and systems to have a clear idea what works for you, and what doesn’t. Hopefully, ASW 9 will be the best solution to your needs. Lets talk and find out !

  • Create workorders from appointments including quoted parts and labor
  • Shop wide private messaging service
  • Shop wide phone directory
  • Integrate photos to workorders, clients, vehicles, vendors and parts
  • Email any printed document anywhere
  • System wide notebook for tech guidance
  • Online chat and connection for live, real time, support from MLS technician
  • Automatic updating of server and workstations, daily backups, and uploading to data partners as desired
  • Comprehensive reporting and graphs
  • Fully integrated accounting ( AR, AP, GL, Payroll ) plus data interface to Quickbooks
  • Time clocks for shop time, actual labor time, and down time on tickets.
  • Comprehensive labor descriptions with simple, organized, lookup
  • Extensive customer follow up system for shop use, plus integration to 3rd party customer tracking systems
  • Integrated Royalty Rewards interface
  • Integrated 3rd party customer follow up services
  • Extensive reporting


Auto Shop Writer 9 has fully integrated the CARFAX vin database, and the QuickVin service. At absolutely no cost to you, detailed vehicle information is available with the unique VIN, and you can get it by simply entering the license, and state of registration.

You also benefit with free advertising whenever someone obtains a CARFAX report on a vehicle you service. Our seamless integration allows you to avoid expensive equipment or fees, giving you the data you need when ordering parts, and looking up work in the service guides.

Interested ?

Lets make it very simple !  You can upgrade any version of Auto Shop Writer today for a first month fee of $ 395, and then $ 195 month thereafter ( license subscription fee).  You pay only as long as you use the system.  We bill your credit card monthly, and the fee includes all updates and support.  This includes the full Auto Shop Writer program plus any additions we make while you continue to subscribe.

If you want to explore this further, call us at (949) 589-3186.  We will provide you with a simple agreement that gives you the details.  There is no minimum or maximum term to this agreement.  Of course the price does not include 3rd party services or items MasterLink Software resells.

Merchant Services

Integrated Credit Card Service

If you’re tired of paying for that credit card terminal, paper, and extra phone line, our fully integrated Credit Card processing will save you money. Our provider will give you a free swipe device for your workstations, and all of the transactions are handled within ASW, and across the internet for very fast results. In addition, our provider guarantees they will meet, or beat, you current rates, with no hidden charges, and no long term contract. You can save money in so many ways … and doesn’t that help ?

An Auto Shop Writer 10 upgrade includes the installation of the software on your server, and all workstations, via an internet connection. All data from your previous ASW installation will be imported into the new version. You will receive assitance with your questions, and any related technical issues, to assure you’re fully running on the new system. You will receive automatic updates and support until the end of
June, 2013.  Thereafter you can continue to receive support and updates by maintaining a subscription with the Developer’s Partnership Program. Installations with more then 2 workstations should consider the ADS Client Server software, purchased at an additional fee. A 30 day free trial
of the ADS software will be available. Although MasterLink Software is only responsible for issues directly related to the operation of Auto Shop Writer, we will help you with other technical questions and issues whenever possible. We will also be available to your hardware consultant to discuss any equipment and networking needs.
We do understand Windows 8, and are happy to answer your questions about
Microsoft’s whole new operating system.

It is very likely that ASW 10 will function fine on your current computer equipment. Most people have hardware that is less then 5 years old, with ample storage and memory. The ideal system would be a server running Windows 2012 Server, 64 bit with 8 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive. Ideal workstations would run Windows  8 Professional with 6 GB of RAM and 500 GB hard drive. The network would be 1 GB wired. These are current optimum standards, and older systems will do fine.

Please call MasterLink Software at your convenience to discuss your specific needs and questions. We look forward to hearing from you.
(949) 589-3186