Auto Shop Writer

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What It Does

Auto Shop Writer is a comprehensive computerized management system for automotive service centers.  It not only handles all of the paperwork associated with conducting a service business, it adds all of the features that make your job a whole lot easier.

Everything starts with the Workorder.  You create a new one, assign a vehicle ( and its owner ), add parts, labor and recommendations, and print a final invoice for the client.  To make this easy, we provide a complete service history, suggest services, and show you any photos you’ve saved from previous visits.

When you close the workorder, the system performs all of the accounting, updates the inventory, and remembers all of the important information for you to visit it in the future.  Sound simple ?   Its actually very complex, but we work on the philosophy that any piece of information should only be entered into the computer one time.  We also provide a lot of tools, and “intelligence” to make the system work for you.

Where It Works

Primarily you use the system in your shop.  Usually there is a computer in an office, one where you meet clients, and perhaps one in inventory and another in service.  Also, our technology allows you to grab a tablet from the desk, walk out to a car, and do you work face to face with a client.  Do you have a mobile vehicle that goes on the road to perform services ?  It can be connected also, and work live from anywhere you can access the internet ( even using a cellphone as a WiFi hub ).  You can also work from home or access this system remotely from a desired location.

How It Performs

Auto Shop Writer uses very efficient technology to attain high speeds in processing your data.  We also take up very little computer space.   The performance will be dependent on the hardware selected.  Any computers used today will be very fast, especially if high speed, wired, networking is available.

Why Its Unique

Often the “old fashioned way” is far more dependable than all of the modern gimmicks.  Of course we use the very latest technology, but its all assembled with an old fashioned work ethic, just like Grampa had in his time.  Auto Shop Writer started by shop owners taking the time to share their needs with the main programmer, and he took the time to carefully listen, and understand how the business would function throughout the day.  Although ASW has been around for over 30 years, that principle has never been abandoned.  Even today, our clients email or call to discuss their needs, and then the software is crafted to meet those requirements.  Auto Shop Writer is all about providing a rock solid product, personal support and practical procedures, wrapped with the very latest technological advances.

How It Grows

Auto Shop Writer is updated regularly.  While some packages are enhanced yearly, ASW uses an auto updating system that allows for distribution of new versions as they are produced.  Our clients email or call with their requests, we find a way to implement them, test the result, and then auto-distribute the final cut.  This time frame is not years or even months.  Updates often come out a day or two after the ideas are submitted.  Its a constant evolution:  Expert input from professional shop staff leads to refined new tools to enhance everyone’s business.