Low Monthly Payment – No Committment

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We know shop management systems can be very expensive … but we’ve done this so long, and run our very personalized business so efficiently, that we can offer you the ability to rent Auto Shop Writer for only $ 195 / month.  That’s “all inclusive” which means it is the FULL version that includes all features and integrations, plus updates/upgrades, and support.  Of course that sounds ridiculously low priced, but you miss out on nothing. We also don’t lock you into a term agreement … use the software as long as you wish, and when you no longer pay, it shuts off.  It really is that simple.

So here are the “fine print” items.  To start this service, we charge $ 495 the first month, which includes installation ( remotely ) on all your computers and the first months rent, then $ 195 / month thereafter.  It also includes the time we spend training you on how to use the system, and helping you resolve any mistakes you might make.  If you use any 3rd party services that we integrate with, your fees to them are separate according to the agreement you reach with them.  However, you don’t need to use them and many of those capabilities may be handled with Auto Shop Writer’s built in features.  Some services, like Carfax, are free, and others, like credit card processing, are offered at competitive rates.  Auto Shop Writer is not limited in the number of computers that can run it in a system, but we do recommend the Advantage Database Client Server system if you run it on more than 2 computers.  This is because of the way Windows is built and gives you faster performance and better data integrity.  We are resellers of this product ( you could get it elsewhere ) and the price of the license is $650 / 5 users ( or multiples thereof ).   We charge the $ 195 each month to your credit card.  We will notify you if the transaction is not approved, and your software will shut off in about 10 days.  Payments are processed on the 25th of the month.

To summarize, you get the FULL Auto Shop Writer program to use every month, as long as you want, for $195 payable in advance of the month you are using.  No features of ASW are omitted.  We also provide our personalized support services, and all updates.  You have no long term commitment, and no “add on packages” with MasterLink,  though you can use integrations to 3rd party services with whom you separately contract for their services.

Need more info ?  Email  sales@masterlinksoftware.com for a speedy, and personal, response.