Why is my system not automatically updating

Sometimes people are getting a message when signing into Auto Shop Writer that indicates the system is not updating properly. Please read this carefully. This is NOT a bug in ASW. This means that you have a conflict in Windows which has stopped the auto update program from running on the server. Please read this carefully so you can understand the basis for the problem.

When you start your server, a program called MLS*aus.exe  will begin on that computer.  ( The * here would be the version of ASW you are running, ie. 9, 10, or 11 ) It connects with the MasterLink central servers, and downloads current keyfile and version information. If an update is available, it also downloads it, and unpacks it on your computer. In addition, this important program performs a daily backup, uploads the Carfax and CustomerLink data, and more. The program runs silently on the server 24/7/365 unless another program interferes and stops it, or your Windows operating system is not setup properly.

On any Workstation, you can see how well the update program is running by selecting Process Log from the Tools menu in ASW. Every three hours the program will cycle. You can see the date and time for each event. They include:

  • Authorization key updated – You will see this each cycle. It means your keyfile was updated. We do this to handle rentals, DPP payments, version authorizations, etc.
  • Version File Downloaded – This is a very small file that says what current version is available on the server for updating. The update program will compare this version to the one you last had downloaded, and if it is newer, you will get the following step.
  • Update file downloaded 9.xx.xx : The xx.xx is the version info. This means that the update zip file has been received on your server.
  • Updates unpacked : This entry is saved when the file is unzipped and the new .exe files ( Datamanager and ASW9 ) are saved in the ASW9s folder. The ASW9.exe is then copied to the workstations when you first start the program on each one.
  • Backup 172 files ( or perhaps more ): This occurs each day at the first cycle after midnight. The backup is made to the autobackup sub-folder unless you went into Datamanager and specified an alternate drive.
  • Carfax data file uploaded & Carfax files updated: This will occur about once a week when the data is saved for Carfax
  • CustomerLink connection established ; data uploaded: These messages will appear for CustomerLink clients about every five days.

The MLS*aus program will continue to run unless it is blocked. Here are the common reasons we found that it stopped:

  • An external USB drive was specified for the backup files, and since that time it was removed or turned off.
  • A firewall / antivirus / malware prevention program is running that is denying access to ASWUpdate
  • Your server is a Vista or Windows 7 machine, and you did not change the ASWUpdate.exe to ASWaus.exe as instructed.
  • Your security settings are preventing the downloaded file, when unpacking, to overwrite the existing files. Thus, no update takes place.

Check the above items if you have a problem. If you don’t understand what they involve, its time to bring in your hardware person to check your settings. The external drive is very common. People unplug it and forget they did that, or someone turns off the power switch. Otherwise the most likely cause is a block to the program by your anti-malware software.

When the program completes a cycle, it records the date in one of the configuration files. If the program stopped running, then the date is not updated. After 5 days, you get the alert. Your version may be current, but nothing else is ( backup, etc. ) because the program is not running. The version may have been downloaded weeks before ASWUpdate stopped running.

You can restart the program by going to your server, click on the Start button, select All Programs, look for the Startup folder, and then double click on ASWUpdate.

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