What are the basic considerations for hardware requirements with Auto Shop Writer ?

When choosing computers for workstations there are several considerations.  Please remember that Auto Shop Writer, like most business packages, is a forms based application.  That means you fill in the blanks, make selections, and save the information.  Your computer choices must handle this well.  You are seeking a business machine, not a gaming machine, and there is a significant difference.

Your main issues will be storage, memory, speed, and networking.   Workstations do not need a lot of storage, except for the computer you use to store all the data ( the server ).  Thus minimum sized hard drives are usually acceptable, though larger ones may be required for other applications you might install.

We suggest that a minimum of 8 GB of RAM be installed if you are buying a new computer.  This will enhance your local performance.  The systems will operate with less, but it is usually not recommended.

Although it is possible to run workstations wirelessly, the speeds will be significantly slower.  We suggest you be sure there is a direct connect cable port rated at 1 Ghz.

There are a lot of options for CPU\’s ( processors ) and the speed difference can make a big difference in performance.  They come in single core, dual core, and quad core configurations.  Take a demo machine into a real program and see how it performs.  ( If the store says they have no applications loaded, go elsewhere.  Browsing the internet is not the best indicator.  Try opening a word processor and typing a document. )

There are also a lot of computer types, including desktops ( which usually sit on the floor ), notebooks, and tablets.   If you are considering a destop, take a look at the All In One units.  They use very little space, and likely you will use few cables.  You can also use a notebook computer, but make sure you get one with nothing smaller than a 15 inch monitor.  Larger ones are available.  Also be sure you get one with a bright display because lighting conditions do make an impact.  Tablets under Windows 10 will be useable, but usually for special tasks like starting a workorder while interviewing a client at their vehicle, checking stock interactively, or reviewing tickets in the bays with the mechanics.  Tablets must be full computers ( they are called slates in the the Microsoft world ).

We are sometimes asked if Apple products can be used.  The answer should be yes for the iMac and MacBook Pro.  You would have to install a program called Parallels ( or an equivalent ) that allows you to run a Windows program in the Apple OS.  That would also require you install a version of Windows.  iPads and iPhones use an operating system that is not compatible and they could not be used.

Still hae questions ?  Email Support@MasterLinkSoftware.com and we\’ll give you a personal response.

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