How do I install ASW on a new workstation ?

On your server, there is an ASW9s folder that holds all of the data, configurations, and installation files.  In that main folder, there is a subfolder called MLS.  From the new computer, use the Windows Explorer to connect across the network to the server, then find the ASW9s folder, click on it, and then click on the MLS subfolder.  You will now see a list of files.

Find the ASW92c.exe file ( the .exe may not be showing, but the file type is Application ) and double click on it.  It will now start the installation program on your new machine.  Answer each of the prompts as they come up.  In most cases, the defaults provided are quite sufficient.

When the installation finishes, there will be an ASW9 icon on the desktop.  Double click on it.  It will tell you the path cannot be found.  It then shows you a dialog box where you can browse across to the server, and find / highlight the ASW9s folder.  If you prefer, you can type the path into the box in the format:

Be sure to put in the actual name of your server, and don\’t forget that last \\

Next you will be asked if you are running Local or Client server.  If you have the Advantage Database Server installed, then select Client Server.  Otherwise, leave it as Local server.

Your program should now run on the new computer.

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