What is the best OS for Auto Shop Writer ?

Auto Shop Writer has always run on a wide range of Windows operating systems, including the latest releases.  If your current computers have Windows XP Professional ( not Home ), then it will run.  Of course it also runs on all of the later versions including the upcoming release of Windows 8.

We suggest you will get the best performance now on Windows 7.  Make sure you have the Business version or Ultimate.

Microsoft Windows 8 will bring some wonderful additions to your Auto Shop Writer system.  First, it will expand the window and dialogs to fit the full size of the monitor.  For those who have problems seeing the smaller text, a new monitor will totally resolve the issue.  In addition, Windows 8 has made connecting computers easy, and setup less complex.

It is also important to remember that Microsoft will stop supporting older versions of its Windows operating system.  All versions prior to XP have reached their end of life status, and XP is slated to be so classified in the near future.

While it is possible to upgrade computers to Windows 8 for a realtively inexpensive fee, it will be necessary to be sure the hardware will support it.  Microsoft supplies a utility to test for compatibility at their Windows 8 website.  Generally, any computer that ran Vista or Windows 7 will be easily upgradeable.

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