Jessie Rees Foundation

Every month, about 1,000 children will be diagnosed with Cancer !  This marks the beginning of a fierce battle for them, and their families.  Although we at MasterLink know cures are perhaps decades away, we also realize that each day we can reach out to these kids, and their families, to provide support, prayers, and hopefully some comfort.

We have elected to support the Jessie Rees Foundation.  Jessie had less than a year to embrace life after she was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor.  Her choice was to find ways for supporting those kids undergoing treatment in hospitals throughout the country.  She did this by designing, and filling, Joy Jars, and then sending them to kids who would were fighting this battle.  Since then, her foundation has now sent out over 50,000 jars, but that is just the beginning.  Please click on the image above to visit the foundation website.  Lets support these kids who know Jessie’s message … Never Ever Give Up.

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